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About Taffiliate

Running traffic since 2013, we know that being creative and optimize constantly is what make you profitable in running iGaming traffic. You not only need to master your traffic. You also need to build proper monetize and optimize the marketing creative the pre-self pages and even eye-catching landing pages to gain more sales.

You constantly need to look for new Casino better converting offer, new sports betting brands. Even after comes up so many hassle like negotiate payouts, follow up on missing invoice and payments. Tracking issue will be the major fact is this case.

To consider everything for your better sales execution, TAFFILIATE design a wonderful affiliate platform that will give you on stop solution. There is 24/7 pro-active affiliate manager answering your all query. We know how important your traffic is, so we always being up-to-date with tracking issues. We never let waste your valuable traffic. Our expert accounts department ensured fast payment in time. Advertiser managers are constantly look for new charming Casino and sports betting offer for publishers. We creates multi sales pages for a single offer that will push your sales. So you not need to jump for look anything after TAFFILIATE.

232 Happy Affiliate
79 Happy Advertiser
198 iGaming brand
26 countries Traffic


TAFFILIATE provides to publishers with all the tools needed, to accelerate your sales. High rang commission, different sales pages for particular offer, access to premium offers for advanced level marketer creative, even have professional multi-lingual affiliate manager, you’ll just need to concentrate on generating traffic.

We ready a user friendly platform there have easier administration inside to give you compatible comfort at a very first time. We helped SEO publishers with simple but random converting offers. Our creative team always work for Facebook guys with crucial pre-sell pages and Facebook pixels.

TAFFILIATE is all about ensuring, that your iGaming traffic achieves the best possible profit and highest ROI. We offer an extensive rang of highly targeted online marketing solution for publishers from across the world. So enjoy your revenue how much you want.

Advanced software and marketing tools inside help you to enhance ROI.

Supreme Affiliate Manager’s team assist you 24/7 and keep you up-to-date with contemporary other CPA players.

Account Manager’s always have eagle eyes on incoming traffic, so publisher have no panic about traffic waste.

Dedicated accounts team support you to conform fast payment in time.

Find daily new & premium iGaming offer list update.

iGaming expert will help you to reached maximum daily conversion.

Break Your All Time Best Record!

More Then 200+ iGaming Brands, Choose your compatible offer and Generate Even More Leads Then Your All Time Best. Accelerate 80% More Revenue With Maximum Commission and Get Fast Payment!


TAFFILIATE encourage you to build a marketing plan for your iGaming Business with our supreme team. Our Creative team plan to maximize your revenue without taking you on risk. We never look quantity, we believe in quality, that’s why we allow advanced publishers to send traffic according Advertiser requirements. Our Advanced ingrated system and software help to targeting countries/region wise traffic, even specific device whatever Desktop, Android and IOS.

We’ve dedicated team who always working hard to achieve you daily expected conversion. Our team constantly spread marketing strategy and improving their skill to give you wide output.

Zero tolerance for fraud, they’ll never passed through of our expert antifraud unit.

Posh administration look after whole procedure and dealings.

Dedicated Account Manager touch you 24/7 and uptime with your performing data.

Taffiliate allow trusted and refer affiliates to generate traffic.

Our publishers randomly send traffic from top websites and social networks and search engines.

We allow authentic traffic only, so advertiser side have risk free.

Asking For iGaming Business Collaboration

Find Every Fact, Quality Traffic, Authentic Leads By GEO’s and Trend You Need on the iGaming Industry. High-Energy Learning Experienced Team Looking Forward iGaming Brands Partner. Taffiliate Lets You Work More Collaboratively and Achieve Sales Target.

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Access our exclusive top convering iGaming offers. There we build individual landing pages for each brands, that will help you to make your iGaming traffic more profitable.

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